Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Principal: Mrs JoAnne Sutton

Trustee: Mrs Millie Richardson

Trustee: Mr Brett Stansfield

Trustee: Matua Shannon Leilua

Trustee: Mrs Dana Youngman

Trustee: Mrs Melinda Borland

Staff Trustee: Mrs Kylie Dalton

Secretary: Mrs Jenny Williams

Board of Trustees Meetings 2020

Term 1

Tuesday 11 Feb

Tuesday 10 Mar

No meeting in April due to Easter

Term 2

Tuesday 12 May

Tuesday 9 June

No meeting in July due to holidays

Term 3

Tuesday 11 August

Tuesday 8 September

Term 4

Tuesday 13 October

Tuesday 10 November

Tuesday 8 December

Upcoming Policy Reviews for 2020

Term 1

Digital Technology and Cyber Safety


Staff Leave

Recognition of Cultural Diversity

Separated Parents, Day-to-Day Care and Guardianship