Board of Trustees

School Board of Trustees Election

Nominations are open from Sunday 11 October 2020 for the election of two parent representatives to the board of trustees.

All eligible voters will receive a nomination form and a notice calling for nominations – you can use this form to nominate yourself or someone in your community.

If you need more nomination forms, contact the school office.

Nominations close at noon on Sunday 1 November 2020. You may provide a signed candidate statement and photograph with your nomination.

The electoral roll is held at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours.

As nominations are received, there will be a list of candidates’ names kept at the school up until election day, which you can view.

Voting closes at 4pm on Friday 4 December 2020.

Signed Jenny Williams

Returning Officer

Nomination cover letter 2020.pdf
Nomination Form 2020.pdf

Board of Trustees

Principal: Mrs JoAnne Sutton

Trustee: Mrs Millie Richardson

Trustee: Mr Brett Stansfield

Trustee: Matua Shannon Leilua

Trustee: Mrs Dana Youngman

Trustee: Mrs Melinda Borland

Staff Trustee: Mrs Kylie Dalton

Secretary: Mrs Jenny Williams

Board of Trustees Meetings 2020

Term 1

Tuesday 11 Feb

Tuesday 10 Mar

No meeting in April due to Easter

Term 2

Tuesday 12 May - POSTPONED due to COVID-19 Level 3. New Date Tuesday 19 May. This decision was made to ensure we could still offer the meeting to the public.

Tuesday 9 June

No meeting in July due to holidays

Term 3

Tuesday 11 August

Tuesday 8 September

Term 4

Tuesday 13 October

Tuesday 10 November

Tuesday 8 December

Upcoming Policy Reviews for 2020

Term 1

Digital Technology and Cyber Safety


Staff Leave

Recognition of Cultural Diversity

Separated Parents, Day-to-Day Care and Guardianship

Term 2

Documentation and Self Review

Employer Responsibility

Term 3

Learning Support

Appointment Procedure

Child Protection

Term 4


Salary Units/Management Allowances

Classroom Release Time/Timetable